Delightful Village House in Vers Pont du Gard             



Walkway up to the "commerce" area of Vers

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Vers offers several shops including a bakery, a Tabac, and a very small "grocery" store - Proxi. 

The bakery - boulangerie - makes a great baugette and some yummy ham and cheese croisants.  Be sure to try my favorite, pain au chocolat.  They are open from 7 to 12:30 and 4:30pm  to 7:00pm.

The Tabac carries many daily newspapers, including the  Herald Tribune, several London dailies or any of the French national papers.  Midi Libre - the regional newspaper is available as well.  The Tabac, always friendly and bustling with customers, has touristy stuff and snacks too.  This is where to by phone cards for long distance calls.

There is a convenience store, Proxi, ready to provide you with a few essentials - perhaps, some wines and liquors, soft drinks and canned/packaged foods you may have missed at the supermarches in Remoulins or Uzes - both about 10 minutes away.

Your best wines are purchases directly from the producers or in wine shops in Uzes or Remoulins.  Of course our favorite is La Gramiere in nearby St. Quentin la Poterie - our daughter and son-in-law's label.  Check out

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday there is a "green grocer" who sets up a mobile shop.  The produce is fresh from the farm.  There are also pizza-mobiles several nights a week.  The pizzas are quite good.


Our "Rue"  -   Bourg Riant


The "Lavoir" in the central place.


Shady summer street.


Running the Bulls - Fete Votive in August


The clock tower on the Mairie


Vers Springtime - Wysteria


Vers - The Village


The Region

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